Didomi has successfully passed the compliance checks of the IAB's new Transparency and Consent Framework (TCFv2.0)

Paris, May 11th 2020 - Didomi is happy to announce that its Consent Management Platform (CMP) has been officially TCFv2.0-approved by the IAB Europe, successfully passing the IAB Europe’s CMP Compliance Programme. Many clients have started to transition to the TCF's version 2 already, and all IAB members will have to update their websites and mobile apps to support it until the summer 2020.

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In less than 2 years, the TCF has become the standard for running personalized ad campaigns, measurement, attribution etc. in compliance with regulations like GDPR. It has been adopted by all the major players of the adtech space, particularly by IAB-compliant consent management platforms (CMPs) like Didomi. To adapt to fast-paced technological innovation, incorporating feedback from European data protection authorities, consumer groups and the ad tech industry, the IAB developed a new iteration (the TCFv2.0) to provide more choices and information to end users.

Some additions include:

  • More granular purposes to offer more choices to end users
  • Flexible support for legitimate interest
  • New "categories" to group purposes
  • Control of allowed legal basis through publisher restrictions
  • Improved API for sharing consent between CMPs and vendors.

With the new Transparency and Consent Framework, consumers get more transparency and choice over how they want their data to be shared, and publishers will benefit from greater flexibility and control, specifically how they integrate ad tech vendors for personal data processing. For Didomi clients, changing from the first to the new, updated Transparency & Consent Framework is easily achievable in the Didomi Console:

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To support publishers in the transition phase, Didomi has thoroughly presented the changes, published a Migration Guide, as well as a detailed roadmap to help publishers on its support pages. The company has also held a live webinar in which Didomi's CTO, Jawad Stouli, has discussed with publishers directly.

A full recording of Didomi's webinar about TCFv2.0 has been made publicly available by the company:

Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) Version 2: Didomi explains it all

All publishers must transition to the updated TCF for the summer, and many have already started implementing the new consent notices on their apps and websites. Some industry members have asked for more time, in response to which the IAB Europe has revised the timeline due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is the updated timeline to successfully implement TCF v2.0:

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Our role is to help publishers and brands build trust among their users and customers, and to do so in a privacy-focused way. The IAB Europe's updated framework TCFv2.0 is paramount to achieve this goal, and we are proud to have passed the compliance checks successfully. As a registered CMP, Didomi has been actively involved in the TCFv2.0 creation process, and our teams have done an amazing work to ensure that our consent management solution integrates with version 2 as seamlessly it already does with version 1. It will not only serve our existing clients, but also heavily support our international development. Jawad Stouli, CTO of Didomi

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