Didomi and Poool release integration to provide users a better choice between cookies and subscriptions

April 28th 2021 - Didomi is today announcing its collaboration with Poool, a digital membership and subscription tools for publishers, releasing a new "cookie wall" alternative for publishers. The solution offers the possibility to combine Didomi's Consent Management Platform (CMP) and Poool's dynamic wall into one seamless modal, allowing publishers to generate revenue while being compliant with privacy regulation.

The regular "wall" solution - whether it is a cookie wall, a paywall or any other alternative access functionality - allows a publisher to block access to content under certain circumstances, like the refusal of cookies. By encouraging users to accept some form of value exchange, such functionalities are increasingly popular among publishers who don't want to lose valuable revenue to fund their businesses. But they are still difficult to implement, operate and optimize.

This is why Didomi and Poool have developed a new integration. With a new alternative to the "cookie wall" solution, both companies allows publishers to easily and seamlessly allow users to accept cookies to access its content, or to choose another compensation such as subscribing to the publication, paying a one-time fee, registering to a newsletter or various other actions.

Given the importance of cookies and identifiers in today's monetization strategies, and the increasing levels of choice provided to users online, the rejection of them by readers negatively affects the content producer’s business models. However, alternative access solutions like cookie- or paywalls give readers a second chance to accept targeted advertising, or offers a set of alternatives that allow them to contribute to the publishing business and bring extended value in form of any compensation choice. 

By implementing Didomi’s and Poool’s cookie wall alternative, publishers benefit in various ways:

  • Monetizing even when cookies aren’t accepted, and open revenue opportunities by asking users to subscribe.
  • Ensuring compliance with global regulations pertaining the use of cookies and trackers, such as GDPR in Europe or CPRA in the United States. 
  • Improving KPIs by encouraging visitors to register or sign-up to newsletters, social media or other channels or other ways to reach users.
  • Engage in a dialogue with users and develop a stronger relationship built on trust, transparency and respect for their data.

“Didomi is always looking to evolve its product and find innovative ways to incorporate interesting and valuable integrations. The Didomi and Poool integration offers publishers new ways to monetize their audience and to continually put customer consent at the core of their strategies."

Romain Gauthier, CEO of Didomi

“Our aim at Poool is to help content businesses to transform their audience into valuable leads, members and revenues. Poool's partnership with Didomi offers publishers a new, optimal way to transform their audience into a business, in a fully compliant and respectful way.”

Maxime Moné, CEO of Poool
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