Didomi releases Preference Management Platform for easy, scalable handling of customer preferences across channels

January 18th 2022 - Didomi, a global leader in consent and preference management, is announcing today the public release of its Preference Management Platform (PMP). With this new solution, already deployed globally among clients such as Hilti, Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs, Decathlon, or Paris-Turf, marketers and developers get an unprecedented level of flexibility to deploy customer-facing widgets, allowing them to deliver digital experiences that respect their users' preferences. By doing so, they can easily abide to data privacy regulations while fostering a relationship of trust with their customers.

With the ubiquitous level of personalization of marketing, the planned disappearance of third-party cookies, and the rising personal data privacy concerns among consumers globally, brands and publishers have understood the urgent need to invest in data transparency. First- and zero-party data strategies, which encompass all forms of marketing based on consented, voluntarily provided customer data, are a top priority of companies globally.

Yet, marketers and developers still have few tools to make permission management easy and scalable, making it cumbersome to create truly transparent user experiences. This is a major pain point for them, as it is still challenging to deliver online experiences based on authentic customer preferences, proven to boost customer loyalty and revenue.


Already well-known for its Consent Management Platform (CMP), deployed on thousands of websites, apps and connected TVs, Didomi is proud to announce the release of its Preference Management Platform (PMP), which will help companies address these challenges. Didomi's PMP provides a scalable, easy-to-configurable backbone to make preference management easy for companies and users alike, both online and offline.

Thanks to Didomi's Preference Management Platform, online marketers can very easily build Preference Centers, branded user interfaces for consumers to update their product and communication preferences (email, SMS, phone or other). The technology also proves helpful for other use cases, like empowering consumer-facing staff, in stores or call centers, to update permissions reliably and instantaneously, in full transparency for the end-users.

The uniqueness of this new, no-code solution lies in its ease of use for marketers, who can customize Preference Centers and similar widgets to fit their companies' branding easily, connect them to all relevant data sources, and deploy it all globally in minutes. Configuring and deploying across technical environments is easier than ever thanks to integrations with CRM and marketing automation tools like the Hubspot Marketing Hub, Actito, Selligent Marketing Cloud or Adobe Campaign.

Marketers and developers who want to build user-facing preference management interfaces will be able to do so on Didomi's Console, the company's client interface. To facilitate these projects, in line with its developer-friendly ethos, Didomi is providing proper documentation to describe how the Didomi platform manages consent and preference information, and how to build common workflows through its Consents API.

With a Preference Management Platform, marketers don't need to estimate or guess what customers want, they can simply ask them directly and rely on that data to build better marketing and advertising. Didomi's PMP thus provides a tool for brands to create a relationship of trust, as users get easy control of their communication or product preferences.

We are very proud to reveal the Preference Management Platform to the world, it constitutes a strategic release for Didomi. This technology is already deployed within many of our clients' technology stacks, and they were so satisfied that we decided to make it our main area of investment for our future. Didomi's Preference Management Platform is certainly the most advanced and user-friendly solution worldwide. With this platform, we are making omnichannel preference management as easy as cookie consent - if not easier! I am convinced that it will make the web more user-friendly for marketers and end-users alike.

Romain Gauthier, CEO of Didomi

At Hilti, we have a very clear vision of fruitful collaboration between legal compliance and business. Our business vision and legal requirements in preference management have been a challenge and even more finding a solution that would help us execute our ideas. Thanks to Didomi's Preference Management Platform, we were among the first B2B companies in the world to use delegated consent at scale. Today, managing online and offline preferences of our customers is easy and convenient, giving us an edge in our competitive market.

Mirko Haase,  Chief Compliance Officer of Hilti

The obligation to obtain the consent of each user, and to allow them to change their mind easily, is often seen as a true priesthood for marketers. But today, companies like Didomi provide simple, fast and transparent tools to do so. Its Consent and Preference Management Platforms are integral parts of our digital tech stack, allowing us to provide our customers with the best digital experience. At Paris-Turf, we put data at the heart of our thinking, which is essential to build tailor-made experiences based on our users' choices.

Jérome-Olivier Falcon, CDO of Paris-Turf
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Didomi builds technology that allows organizations to place customer consent at the core of their strategy. By making consent and preferences easily accessible, companies benefit from compliant customer data while seeing higher engagement and increased user trust. Consumers, on their side, are free to choose what data to share and how to stay connected to their favorite brands across touchpoints. Our products include a globally adopted Consent Management Platform (CMP), which collects billions of consents every month, a highly popular Preference Management Platform (PMP), and a powerful suite of bespoke solutions to build better consent and preference management. Find out more at www.didomi.io.