Didomi’s Chief Privacy Officer Thomas Adhumeau appointed Chair of IAB Europe’s TCF DPA Outreach Working Group

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Paris, 27 January 2022 - Didomi is proud to announce the appointment of Didomi’s Chief Privacy Officer, Thomas Adhumeau, as Chair of the IAB Europe’s TCF DPA Outreach Working Group. He was elected in December for a duration of two years with the mandate to engage with Data Protection Authorities across Europe and the UK with the aim to gather feedback which shall shape the next iteration of  the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF).

A key element of the TCF Governance, the DPA Outreach Working Group is mandated by the IAB Europe to raise awareness and understanding of the Framework among Data Protection Authorities across Europe and in the UK. This is particularly important today, where some DPAs (e.g. Belgium) have recently raised questions about the Framework.

Despite recent challenges, the TCF is still the world’s only true global standard to ensure that user consent is as simple, transparent and effective as possible in the digital advertising and media ecosystem. It has allowed many publishers, brands and ad tech companies to accelerate their compliance efforts, having a strongly positive effect on the industry’s practices and on people's privacy.

Its transparency mechanisms empower users to make informed choices regarding the processing of their personal data as well as identities of companies that process the data in connection with the delivery of digital advertising and measurement, while its due diligence record keeping requirements contribute to accountability of the parties involved in the ad placement process.

In 2022, the goal of the DPA Outreach Working Group is to continue ensuring fruitful discussions between European DPAs and the digital marketing industry. The aim of the IAB Europe is that the TCF remains a credible and easy-to-implement standard for consent management by users, brands, publishers and vendors alike. Doing so will also help industry associations in other countries, like Canada, to adapt the TCF to local specificities to make better consent management a global effort towards more privacy.

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I am pleased to be reelected as Chair of the DPA Outreach Working Group of the TCF, which remains a key Framework for the online advertising industry and consumers alike when it comes to consent and privacy compliance. Since launching the TCF in 2018, IAB Europe has been keen on evolving it into a Code of Conduct, an aspiration that has been explicitly encouraged by a number of DPAs. Any successful action in the digital ads ecosystem must be a collective effort shared by the whole ecosystem, requiring investment from all parties involved: users, data protection authorities, marketers, agencies, publishers and technology companies alike. We’ll work on delivering that.  Thomas Adhumeau, Chief Privacy Officer, Didomi

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