Didomi Recognized as a Great Place to Work

Paris, July 4th, 2022. Didomi, leading consent and preference management software providers for SMB and Enterprise companies, has been recognized by the Great Place to Work organization in their 2022 France rankings. The process to be recognized included a survey sent to Didomi's 148 employees about topics ranging from workplace satisfaction to perception of management, camaraderie with colleagues, pride, and more.

Since raising USD 40M in 2021, Didomi has grown exponentially and was recognized as one of the fastest-growing tech startups in France in 2022, ranking 36th out of the top 500 tech companies that recruit the most in France, with a +121% employee count growth from the previous year.

Mindful of the challenges associated with fast growth, the company's leadership team focused strongly on providing the best possible employee experience, making satisfaction at work a top priority across the company's overall strategy. This led to the decision to collaborate with Great Place to Work, an organization whose mission is to help every company become a great place to work for all.

Working in a rapidly growing scale-up is an exciting and challenging experience, and we want to make sure we provide the environment, the tools and the support for every employees to grow and thrive in their role. Collaborating with Great Place to Work was a good way for us to assess employee satisfaction after such a huge year for Didomi.  

Sandra Demol, Head of Human Resources

Assessing employee satisfaction at Didomi

Following the Great Place to Work methodology, Didomi was able to communicate a survey to its 148 employees, consisting of  60 closed questions and 2 open questions. All answers are anonymous, and each question offering the possibility to answer on a 5-point rating scale, from "Almost always untrue" to "Almost always true".

Out of the 148 employees, Didomi was able to collect 116 replies, benefiting from a 78% response rate. The answers are broken down into 5 categories and aggregated in a general Trust Index Score. Didomi's results were as follows:

  • Credibility: 85% (The way in which employees perceive management's ability, communication and integrity)
  • Respect: 86% (Whether employees feel respected and supported by management)
  • Fairness: 87% (How fair do employees perceive the various managerial policies in place, including the equity and impartiality of decisions)
  • Pride: 85% (The feeling employees have about their own individual impact, and pride in the company as a whole)
  • Camaraderie: 89% (The sense of community among colleagues)
  • Average Trust Index: 86%

What stood out from the survey was a large emphasis on the flexibility offered to employees. The remote culture with offices around the world and the possibility to work from the Paris office seem to have a big impact on employee satisfaction.

Other recurring themes were the international work environment, with employees in 37 countries, as well as the flat management structure. Overall, the leadership at Didomi feels that the survey results were very positive, and want to focus on continuing to grow as a great place to work.

The next step will be to share the results internally and schedule workshops among the various teams to work on some of the improvement areas that have been identified, in order to get even better results and employee satisfaction in 2023.

Growth continues at Didomi

As one of the fastest growing tech companies in France, Didomi is constantly looking for new talents to join us. The results of this Great Place to Work survey highlights the quality of life the environment provides, and some of the favorite aspects and benefits available for employees:

  • Remote culture from day one, with collaborators in 37 countries
  • Benefits: Sport subsidy, laptop, offsite events, stock options, etc
  • Co-working space and equipment budget for full-remote employees
  • Start-up spirit, running creative and inspiring campaigns at a fast pace
  • Opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology that is shaping the internet of tomorrow.

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