Didomi Releases Consumer Consent Management and Preference Software for North American Market

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The company is well-positioned to address the need for data privacy and consent solutions to meet growing regulatory requirements in the United States.

NEW YORK – July 21, 2022, 9:00 AM ET - Didomi, the leading technology company specializing in privacy, consent and preference management solutions, is launching its Consent Management Platform (CMP) and Preference Management Platform (PMP) for the North American market. Coming on the heels of new leadership appointments, Didomi’s technology suite is now purpose-built to power North American enterprises' consent-based privacy and preference needs.

The landscape for data privacy compliance and consent management is changing in the United States, with comprehensive consumer data privacy regulations now appearing in many states and a growing shift away from the use of third-party cookies to first-and-zero-party data. Despite these market changes, a recent Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report found that two-thirds of companies are not adjusting their measurement strategies and 59% are not increasing their investment in first-party data. 

It’s critical that businesses and key decision-makers invest in strategy changes now. Didomi’s CMP and PMP software enables companies to meet regulatory requirements while also building a sustainable, consent-based customer data foundation, audience trust and a futureproof martech technology stack that meets these evolving needs.  

Consent Management Platform (CMP)

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Compliance is about more than consent collection; it's about turning consumer data privacy into an opportunity for improving the customer experience and trust. The Didomi CMP takes the guesswork out of data compliance on web, app or connected TV applications. It allows decision-makers to prioritize UX and demonstrate transparency in data collection, boosting consent rates and opt-ins that create new business opportunities. 

Preference Management Platform (PMP)

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Focused on enabling companies to build meaningful experiences with privacy-first personalization, Didomi’s PMP directly collects, stores, and synchronizes powerful zero-party data about what consumers want at each stage of their lifecycle. The platform directly collects user preferences so customers have more control over their relationship with brands, and brands in turn use that data to deliver truly personalized experiences, increasing engagement and interaction and reducing marketing waste to boost overall business metrics.

Together, Didomi’s CMP and PMP have allowed global brands like Weight Watchers, Tron TV, Rakuten, Giphy, Lanvin, and others to put customer consent and user trust at the core of their business and marketing strategies, while meeting global data privacy regulations. 

Didomi’s expansion into North America comes after a period of significant growth, including a $40M Series B funding round in 2021, along with the acquisition of French data privacy and compliance startup, Agnostik, and the appointment of a North American leadership team

"Didomi is already known as the data privacy leader in Europe, so I am delighted to help lead and grow Didomi’s expansion here into North America,” said Chris Beirne, Vice President of North America at Didomi. “Customer choice - around the data they're willing to share and with whom they're willing to share it - is becoming crucial for enterprises to pay attention to, as data privacy rights are codified into law and consent-based, zero-party data becomes the new oil for digital marketing and advertising. Didomi is perfectly positioned for this evolution and I'm excited to help brands cultivate closer relationships with their customers based on transparency and trust.”

Beginning July 28th, Didomi will be presenting a webinar series about consumer choices and preferences, targeted to the North American market. The first session will study the impact of CPRA on companies, the risks it represents and the actions to take in order to make the best out of this new regulation. 

Didomi’s CMP and PMP solutions are now available to North American businesses. Learn more about the platforms at didomi.io

About Didomi:

Didomi builds technology that allows organizations to place customer choice at the core of their strategy. By making consent and preferences easily accessible, companies benefit from compliant customer data while seeing higher engagement and increased user trust. Consumers, on their side, are free to choose what data to share and how to stay connected to their favorite brands across touchpoints. Didomi products include a Consent Management Platform (CMP), which collects billions of consents every month, a Preference Management Platform (PMP), and a powerful suite of bespoke solutions to build better consent and preference management. Find out more at www.didomi.io.

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About Didomi

Didomi helps organizations implement great Privacy User Experiences that respect choices and give people control over their data.

Our Global Privacy UX Solutions are designed to solve today's data privacy challenges, such as multi-regulation consent management, privacy governance, and the need to provide self-service user privacy journeys, supercharged by flexible integrations, high-grade security standards, and premium support services.

Thousands of companies work with Didomi to collect billions of consent and preference data points, monitor vendor and tracker activity, reduce compliance risk, and engage their users with highly personalized, privacy-first experiences that build trust and loyalty.

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